Slate Tile & Countertops

Slates and its Natural Appeal

Slate brings the style of Mother Nature into any home. Slate tends to be simple and versatile and has the ability to go with just about anything. The exposed surface can be quite colorful, in some cases exposing minerals trapped between the layers of stone. Slate can be found in black, charcoal, cool greys, browns, rusty reds, green, copper or plum colors. Slate has been used in construction for thousands of years due to its relative ease to quarry, as well as its inherent chemical and slip resistant qualities, density, hardness, and economical price. ​

Area of Applications:

Walls, floors, tile back splashes, patios, kitchen countertops, islands, bar tops ​


Slate is a metamorphic type rock with a layered structure, allowing it to be cleaved apart into thin sheets. This creates the unique surface texture that shows the natural ridges and layers of the stone's structure.