Limestone Counter tops

An Ancient, Long-Lasting Stone of Choice

Limestone occurs commonly in nature, and is a hard and durable choice for a wide variety of projects. Neutral colors like cream, beige, gold, blue gray, and mushroom predominate the palette available in limestone. Limestone is extremely long-lasting and holds up well to exposure to the elements. Subtle shade variation, pencil thin veining and the inclusion of the occasional shell fossil make limestone a sophisticated choice. It was even the stone of choice for the Great Pyramid in Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Limestone is a staple of historic European design, used in manor houses, cathedrals, and castles dotting the landscape of Europe.

Area of Applications:

Walls, floors, kitchen countertops, islands, bar tops


Formed when calcium based granular sediment and organic material deposits compact over time, limestone is the most homogenous type of natural stone.